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The Best of Think Tanks
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My Mods

This is where i'm gonna put my mods, but only the ones I feel comfortable doing so becose i don't want people hosting my mods and giving themself all the credit for it when they didnt make it.

When downloading, you have to change the name of the TTa_e file of the mod you downloaded into the numbers you want your mission to be (keep in mind "a" is the mission place, i mean lush, spooky, etc.. and "e" is the mission number)

Non-downloadable Mods

The Big Maze(Not downloadable):

This is a big maze, that is made only for lights or small ufos (babyboss) where there are some secrets, like ghost walls, etc that lead you to secret parts, like out of the maze. When you get out you can search for some volcanoes and rocks that some people call ruin, where you can also have fun!

Island Mania(Not downloadable):

this is another mod of mine, with some modern tecnologies, i mean like teleporters and some bombs. It is on a little island with some bases and a teleporter on the middle that leads you to a mountain in the other side of the fog.

It's my favorite mod that I made

I got some more not-downloadable mods, that I do not want to show here

Spooky Mods

The Circles of Doom:

This was my first mod, it is just some circles(made like a maze) with a center maze, it can be really fun, but i almost never had it up. But for the newbies that can't mod, here it is and maybe this will help you to mod, just give some credit!

Codes for the Mods

There are a lot of codes, but here are some:

lighttank.maxspeed = 99;

lighttank.accelrate = 99;

lighttank.deccelrate = 99;

lighttank.antisliderate = 99;

lighttank.turnrate =135;

bounceprojectile.numbounce = 50.999;

bounceprojectile.bouncefactor = 0.1;

bounceprojectile.resource = "game/data/shapes/tanks/brain.dts";

bounceprojectile.sizescale = 2;

bounceprojectile.splasharea = 1;

bounceprojectile.damage = 5;

bounceprojectile.burstcount = 1;

bounceprojectile.count = 40;

bounceprojectile.burstdelay = 999;

bounceprojectile.gravityscale = 1.3;

bounceprojectile.velocity = 30;

defaultexplosion.durationscale = 5;

defaultexplosion.resource = "game/data/shapes/tanks/bouncebump.png";

defaultexplosion.startscale = 1;

defaultexplosion.endscale = 10;

splashprojectile.velocity = 50;

splashprojectile.damage = 17;

firesound.filename = "game/data/sound/bouncevolcano.ogg";

defaultboom.filename = "game/data/sound/bouncevolcano.ogg";

activatesplash.filename = "game/data/sound/erupt.ogg";

splashboom.filename = "game/data/sound/explodevolcano.ogg";

splashexplosion.resource = "game/data/shapes/common/volcanoexplosion.png";

splashexplosion.startscale = 1;

splashexplosion.endscale = 7;

splashprojectile.burstcount = 1;

splashprojectile.count = 6;

splashprojectile.burstdelay = 1999;

lighttank.defaultprojectile = "brainprojectile";

rocksmoke.animtexname[0] = "game/data/shapes/tanks/defaultprojectile.jpg";

rocksmoke.texturename = "game/data/shapes/tanks/defaultprojectile.jpg";

rocksmoke.sizes[0] = "2";

lighttank.shapefile = "game/data/shapes/tanks/tank04.dts";

mediumtank.shapefile = "game/data/shapes/tanks/tank04.dts";

heavytank.shapefile = "game/data/shapes/tanks/tank04.dts";

lightprojectile.resource = "game/data/shapes/common/powerupflash.png";

Lightexplosion.resource = "game/data/shapes/common/powerupflash.png";

Lightprojectile.damage = 10;

Lightprojectile.count = 500;

Lightprojectile.burstcount = 999;

Lightprojectile.gravityscale = 2.5;

Lightprojectile.velocity = 25;

Lightprojectile.sizescale = 5;

Lightprojectile.reloadtime = 1;

Lightprojectile.burstdelay = 1;

Lightexplosion.startscale = 10;

Lightexplosion.endscale = 300;

Lightprojectile.numbounce = 500.0;

Lightprojectile.bounceFactor = 0.08;

Lightbump.resource = "game/data/shapes/common/powerupflash.png";

Lightbump.startscale = 5;



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